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1. Transfer and Posting Order Of SIPF Officers dtd 27-07-2018Download
2. Order Regarding Extension for Joining to Newly Appointed LDC Order no 274 dtd 27-07-2018Download
3. Final Seniority List of Supervisors of Non TSP Area order no 280 dtd 27-07-18Download
4. Final Seniority List of Asst Admn. Officers of Non TSP Area order no 281 dtd 27-07-18Download
5. Increement Order no 278 and 279 of Officers dtd 27-07-2018Download
6. Final Senioirity List of PS, Add. PS, PA and Stenographers order no 266 dtd 25-07-2018Download
7. Final Senioirity List of Estb. officers/Admn Officer/Add. Admn Officers order no 254 dtd 18-07-2018Download
8. Transfer, Posting and Cancellation Order No. 259,260,261 dtd 20-07-2018Download
9. Order No. 247 Regarding Seniority List of Junior Asst. Dated 16-07-2018Download
10. Transfer and Posting Order no 354 dtd 13-07-2018Download
11. Order No. 231 Regarding Provisional Seniority List of Senior Asst. Dated 10-07-2018Download
12. Provisional Seniority List of Asst. Admn. Officers order no. 222 dtd 05-07-2018Download
13. मेडि‍क्‍लेम पॉलि‍सी व अन्‍य मेडि‍क्‍लेम पॉलि‍सी के लि‍ये नि‍युक्‍त टीपीए के दूरभाष नम्‍बर परिवर्तन की सूचनाDownload
14. Provisional Seniority List of Supervisors order no 213 dtd 03-07-2018Download
15. Order No. 197 Regarding Provisional Seniority List Dated 26-06-2018Download
16. Permission for the Extension of Joining Time for Newly Appointed Junior Assistantats Order no 185 dtd 22-06-2018Download
17. Provisional Seniority List of PA, PS and Others Order no 182 dtd 22-06-2018Download
18. Regularisation Order no 170 of Class 4th Employees dtd 14.06.2018Download
19. Appointment and Posting Order No. 172 of LDC (Junior Assistant) Dated 15.06.2018Download
20. Permanent Order no 158 of Junior Asst. dtd 13-06-2018Download
21. Circular dtd 24-05-2018 of PFRDA regarding Permission of Partial Withdrawal under NPS Download
22. Office Insturctions Regarding NPS dtd 21-05-2018Download
23. Circular Regarding GPA Scheme year 2018-19 dtd 23-04-2018Download
24. Order Regarding Audit of SIPF District Offices order dtd 12-04-18Download
25. Order Regarding GPA Deduction dtd. 16-04-2018Download
26. Promotion and Posting of Senior Asst. Order No. 50 Dated 13.04.2018Download
27. Amended Posting Order of Junior Asst. Order No. 51 Dated 13.04.2018Download
28. Promotion and Posting of Senior Asst. Order No. 52 Dated 13.04.2018Download
29. Promotion and Posting Order No. 47 Dated 12.04.2018Download
30. Promotion and Posting Order No. 48 Dated 12.04.2018Download
31. Order No. 36 dated 11.04.2018 Regarding Amendment in Order No. 35 dated 10.04.2018Download
32. Promotion and Posting Order No. 34 Dated 10.04.2018Download
33. Promotion and Posting Order No. 35 Dated 10.04.2018Download
34. Promotion and Posting Order No. 23 Dated 06.04.2018Download
35. Explaination regarding joining time for newly recruited LDC (Junior Assistants)Download
36. Order Regarding GPF Payments dtd 26-03-2018Download
37. Order Regarding S.I. Payments dtd 26-03-2018Download
38. Promotion and Posting Order No. 600 Dated 27.03.2018Download
39. Appointment and Posting Order of Newly Recruited LDC (JA) Order No. 594 Dated 27.03.2018Download
40. Appointment and Posting Order of Newly Recruited LDC (JA) Order No. 581 Dated 22.03.2018Download
41. Auditing and Inspection Formats of Various General Insurance SchemesDownload
42. Retirement Order of SIPF Officers dtd 13-03-2018Download
43. Retirement Order no 547 Dtd 08-03-2018Download
44. Promotion and Posting Order of APS Order no 536 dtd 27-02-18Download
45. Promotion and Posting Order of PA Order no 537 dtd 27-02-18Download
46. Amendment in Rule 11, of the Rajasthan Govt. Servant GPF Rules, 1997Download
47. Amendment in the Rajasthan Govt. Servant Insurance Rules, 1998Download
48. Inforamtion Regarding Changes in Contact no. of TPADownload
49. Further Instructions for Documents Verification on 26.02.2018 at 11:00 AMDownload
50. Service Level Agreement of Scanning and Digitization of Old RecordsDownload
51. Other Instructions in continuation to earlier issued Instructions dtd 15-02-18 for Document Verification of Junior Assistant.Download
52. Instructions dated 15-02-18 and Date Sheet for Document Verification of Junior Assistant.Download
53. Fixation Order no 474 dated 23-01-2018Download
54. Fixation Order no 428 dated 28-12-2017Download